TJxKZ Live in CDO | Love isn’t just for Valentine’s Day

Kagayanon Singer/Songwriter TJ Monterde with his love KZ Tandingan (X Factor Philippines winner 2012) will have a live post-Valentine concert here in CDO on February 17, 2018 at the Limketkai Atrium.

With special guests: Jeric Medina, Winset Jacot, Chandreena and Shameena Moorjani.

Here’s a sneak preview of their duo:

Tickets are available at:
Limketkai Bizhub, Wild Zee Office and Dunkin Donuts.

For inquiries, contact: 09289142333 or 09562715030


Nic’s Pizza Baguettes – Not your ordinary pizza

Nic’s Pizza Baguettes is Cagayan de Oro’s Homegrown Pizza place. A product and blend of Kagay-anons with nothing but love for food with the urge of having everyone else try the goodness. You know what I’m saying? haha!

Everything in their menu is either a recipe that has been passed on to generations or their own little twist of some good food that they’ve tried along their life journey, that they really want to share.

From Pizza de Oro, to Captain Richie’s Baby Back Ribs, to Nic’s Pizza Baguettes now – I’ve seen them morph into something great and fought undefeated by circumstances along their way.

So, about the food.. when we talk about PIzza, the picture that normally comes to mind is the triangular shaped slice or the square ones – right? Nic’s dared to be different and started with the common French Baguette instead – thus the name.

Nic’s Pizza Baguettes, Cheezy Garlic Bread, Potato Wedges, and Nic’s Flavored Fries. (photo grabbed from Oh Penda).

When we eat Pizza we usually get to taste the crust first (first to touch our tongue), then the sauce, and the toppings. We know from that process what we love and do not love. I’d have to say, everyone should try this combo. It’s beyond the taste of the pizza parlors that we frequent – the “crust” is different, the sauce, and the cheese blend too. Your pizza experience here will definitely be uniquely good.

Wouldn’t it be great if one of our city’s flavors would be sought after and tried by people from outside us? Clearly, I’m a fan and would love you to be one too.

Anyhow, here’s some of the newest additions to their menu and the exact reason why I’m writing about this right now when I should have been working. (Sorry boss – just had to let it go somehow). I had to take a break because I have been distracted and kept thinking about it’s goodness. Haha! I personally love their Pepperoni Square Pizza (with that new dough! <3) and Garlic and Chili or was it Chili Garlic? Not sure now. But try them all. And oh, those potato wedges.. nomnomnom.

Nic’s Cheezy Beef Lasagna

Nic's Pepperoni Square Pizza

Nic’s Pepperoni Square Pizza – highly recommended (photo grabbed from The Explorer’s Channel)

Their Limketkai Branch opened at 10 AM today – November 8, 2017. They’ll be serving the Baguette and Fries combo. They’re still thinking about which menu to add in next – but eventually the goodness will be spilled over to the mall branch. That’s a promise.

Nic's Baguette and Fries (available at Limketkai Branch)

Nic’s Baguette and Fries (available at Limketkai Branch)

If you happen to be in Dvsoria area, the main branch is in Dolores St., beside Dolores Apartments, Cagayan de Oro City. The Limketkai Branch is near Cinema 1 and 2. Another branch will also open at the CDO Bar Food Park anytime soon.

Follow their Facebook page for updates and inquiries: NIc’s Pizza Baguettes

Who’s got no yaya?

This morning, as I was prepping the kids for school and daycare.. JD sang this song with actions and said “ikaw sad Nana.. (you also do it, Nana)” and wouldn’t stop until I did. So we finished the song together with actions and I realized that being a single mother of 2 (with no yaya) and juggling work and family life is not just tough on me but tough on them too.

I think parents should be the one who will pass along these, not just good genes, but knowledge of things and maybe skills – even simple things like this – exercise! Di ba? I am not happy giving that moment (with the kids) away for someone else to do but I also need to hustle for them to eat, live their life, and go to school, and all that. Which brings me to the main topic of this post.. it’s about this life saver day care that’s not so new in town (if you haven’t heard of it) – they’re Little Kingdom Day Care.

I have been searching for a good yaya/house help ever-since our good one got away. I even had this idea of opening a daycare myself when I got back from Manila because I saw the need of not having a yaya when you need to be somewhere or you need to meet someone or you just need to focus on one thing that day. I even reached to a point of talking with potential partners to make it happen but it seemed to have not rung their bell. Anyway…

Little Kingdom Day Care is a drop-in and tutorial center. Run by friends, who are also busy parents themselves, who saw the need of having temporary love and shelter for the kids when we need to deal with the big boys and girls stuff like work and meetings or if you need time for pampering or maybe shopping? hehehe but yeah, this is what they do and I truly appreciate having them and I see their vision for this daycare which is very useful for my scenario.

They have college graduate “Ate’s” who will take care of the kids and teach them those little things that we miss to give because we had to prioritize something else.

They also have individual and group activities for the kids, artwork, play time, nap-time. They have a playground with kid-safe toys. They have a nap area for their nap time. You know the works – like an extension to your home.

They are open from 7:00AM to 7:00 PM Monday – Saturday.
For more details, like their Facebook page or call them at 0926 066 7557 and let them know you heard it from me! 🙂

Here’s a glimpse of JD’s work from Little Kingdom.

little kingdom daycare