What’s with Duterte’s Kitchen CDO?

For all those who are wondering… Here are a few frequently asked questions that I’ve found answers for while talking to the people behind the DK initiative.

1. What is with Duterte’s Kitchen CDO? – Duterte’s Kitchen CDO is a non-profit group, composed of volunteer organizations that got united with the same vision for the city – that is to serve food to those in-need. Specifically street children, rugby boys, elderly, homeless, and the like. This project is Inspired by President Rodrigo Duterte’s “Lugaw ng Masa” feeding program when he was still mayor of Davao City.

Duterte's Kitchen CDO opening

Here are few of the Duterte’s Kitchen CDO organizers
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2. Is it affiliated with Duterte’s Kitchen Cubao (the original DK)? – Yes, they are affiliated with Duterte’s Kitchen Cubao. One of the CDO organizers, Ms. Dorothy “Dadat” Balaba, travelled to Cubao and asked permission personally thru Head Manager Dexter Araquel.

3. How are the beneficiaries identified? – Through Anonymous CDO, a local group of teens who regularly does feeding before these all started has identified those they have fed before and people within the organization also help pinpoint those they see are already camping around the city. Those that are prioritized are the elderly and children who are just lying down on the streets with nothing but paper or carton to cover themselves when it rains or on chilly nights.

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